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SEO has and is drastically evolving. However, one thing that hasn’t changed over time is the fundamental value of showing up on page one of Google Search results. It is also true that nobody goes on to the next page of Google search results to find the answer to your query. Hence, standing out among others in order to rank amongst the best is important.

Looking for ways to reach there. Here are some Google SEO tactics that can help you.

How to improve SEO ranking on Google?

1. Get better at internal linking

This is one of the easiest ways to bring a significant positive change in your ranking. As it is known, the internal linking structure is one of the primary ways for Google to assess what your site is about. Naturally, the better Google understands, the better the ranking. 

Furthermore, it can result in building better topical authority for your key topics. Thus, increasing the future chances for higher ranking by Google. This is known as strategic internal linking which basically involves linking those pages together where it makes the most sense for your visitors. The point of focus is to add specific pages at points where they can enhance the information. This is highly appreciated by search engines as well.

2. Working smartly

Choosing the right keywords works as magic. It can predict our entire probability of success. Choosing specific (long tail) keywords, keywords that bring traffic, keywords that are relevant to the business, using multiple keywords to rank, are the best ways to acquire the desired outcomes. Make sure you do not make the biggest mistake by relying on just one keyword. Use keyword seed that eventually grows into a theme.

3. Look for threshold pages

These pages are those that position between 11 through 20 (ranked below page one). Naturally, they do not receive negligible traffic. However, with a little tweaking, they can easily move to the first page. It has been established that helping these pages reach page one is far easier than ranking new content. You may begin with 

4. Look for competitive content

There may be times when despite all your efforts, you aren’t finding your way to the top. In such situations, one thing that you must accept is the fact that others have something you don’t, something that makes them superior to you. The best you can do is spend time comparing pages ranking about you to yours. You can compare the content quality, relevance, keywords, internal linking, traffic attractiveness of the page and so on.

5. Refresh Past Performers

Successful content is the one which has a cycle of growth. Sometime after the content is published, it starts attracting an audience. But, let’s face the harsh reality, it is oblivious that eventually with time, the traffic will decline. This may happen due to various factors like – publishing of better, latest, content on the internet or change in the intent of the query. Luckily, there are ways to resolve this issue. 

One method to do is to splice keyword-rich content. All you have to do is to identify the lesser performing keywords in your potential webpage. Once they have been identified, you need to create new content pages focused on the specific intent of those keywords. This is followed by interlinking those pages with the original, currently ranking page.

Another method is to focus on delivering content that stays relevant and fresh for a longer duration. 

6. More links.

Earning and building links are very important. It refers to the creation of good and authoritative content that other sites will want to link to as a reference. Building links is while building links involves actively seeking opportunities for relevant links from trustworthy sites.

7. Add LSI keywords

LSI keywords are an advanced on-page SEO tactic (as per Google Seo algorithm) and it’s no surprise that they are working great.

8. Go for featured snippets.

Featured snippets are features of Google search wherein one of the top results is promoted to a rich snippet works. These are responsible for driving a lot of traffic to the site. How? This happens as the users always want to know more about the snippets. Getting featured in a snippet is definitely a tough thing, but there are ways to do so. For example, when a featured snippet is shown, observe and analyze the structure of the featured content or look at your top ranked page for the query.

9. A mobile-friendly website

This is probably the most desired feature and one of the basic Google SEO tricks. It is pretty obvious given that most of the searches happen through mobile phones. Besides, mobile-friendliness is part of the Page Experience update. No wonder  Google gives preference to mobile-ready content for people searching on mobile devices. Anything that can add to the mobile-friendliness of your site, will help you rise to a level or expertise that is recognized and appreciated by Google.

10. Moving the important pages higher in site navigation

Now, Google or any other search engine assesses the importance of a webpage by considering its distance from the home page through internal navigation. The homepage gets most external links. It is therefore why it has the highest authority. This link equity flows to other linked pages. The ones that are directly linked, benefit the most.


It’s only natural for people to question how to increase seo ranking on google. Afterall, everyone wants to reach the top. But, it is also very obvious that these things are acquired by not just working harder but also smarter. The above mentioned Google SEO tactics can help you reach the epitome of success.



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