13 Secrets of Viral Content Marketing

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Every other day, while using the internet, we encounter constant prompts that intrigue us to dig deeper into researching more about that particular prompt. These are the Viral Contents that keep on prompting our searches and catch our attention that we are impelled to interact with them and share them. As a result, the content gets higher reach, more audience, maximum interaction, wider platforms, and above all, improved Google search results. 

What is Viral Content Marketing?

Getting the content viral is one of the many top marketing strategies a blogger seeks for. Viral Content Marketing is a master plan for improving the search results of your websites or blogs. It doesn’t always mean to stock up the texts with SEO keywords; it means to strategize the content that captivates its audiences’ curiosity. 

While performing web search queries, we often come across top results by google but are dissatisfied with the presentation of that blog. It ultimately hampers the audience of the site. Ranking higher in the Google search query doesn’t make content viral. For viral content, it is requisite that it is encapturing, according to its viewers. The more accessible it is to the audience, the visibility it gets, and hence the more viral it becomes.

Let’s dive into an example

Suppose you are searching for tips to start meditation, you’d definitely be looking for a blog that not only gives vital information but also shares the step-by-step guide to begin meditation with attractive, short, and unique illustrations. Once you find one such blog, you would probably lookout for more such content from that website or page. Hence, you will be participating in the marketing of that content. Not just that, you would probably look into the social profiles of those websites and will start relying on it. Every time you share the content, it will gain more publicity and get viral in a short period of time.

How to make your content go viral?

Making your content go viral is not a very difficult task; it only requires organized, strategized, and factual content. Along with all other marketing strategies, viral content marketing plays a chief role in boosting traffic to your blogs. But it’s a multi-step procedure with some tricks, and it will lead you into the world of viral content marketing. Here is a list of instructions that will market your content and make it go viral


The very basic attribute to your content must be visible keywords that increase the ranking of search results. One of the best channels to acknowledge keywords to enhance search queries is Google Carousel. Usage of proper SEO keywords and optimizing your blog accordingly improve the page ranking and helps in receiving higher organic traffic. It is a primitive act that dominates the search results, increasing your audience.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important steps to increase the traffic to your website. Once optimized properly, nothing can stop your content from gaining publicity. A very prime requirement for every blog/website is that it gets visibility, that too, to a larger audience. With proper interlinking, references, optimization, one can successfully conquer the search engine. Once conquered, the next step is the viral content marketing of your blogs.


Even if you are successful in marketing the search engine results and getting higher ranks, if the viewers do not appreciate your content, you will be simply overthrown by another one. Planning content that is unique, appealing, and encapturing is very important. The features of viral content are that it –

– holds proper descriptions

– Has unique writing style

– is well proofread

– is edited

– has proper narration

– is not too lengthy

– doesn’t bargains or brags

– holds genuine facts

– is illustrative

– gives credit for references


Only publishing your content on the website’s blog wouldn’t make it go viral. People rely more on social platforms nowadays, and once they put their trust in you, they will be approaching your content again. It is important that in order to do viral content marketing, the contents are published in accordance with the social media norms. It has to be illustrated in the form of images with captions and hashtags.


Preparing non-plagiarized content is as important as making it error-free. No matter how attractive it is, the content is completely disregarded by the viewers if copied (without any references). It degrades the quality of your content and, ultimately, your website. Keeping the content original and fact-based is essential.


Providing a space for your audience to give their feedbacks gives a positive impact. If they are allowed to comment and give their views on your content, they start relying on you more. On social platforms as well, viral content always welcomes feedback. If they are providing their feedback and are being responded to, they feel privileged and are more likely to share your content.


If someone likes your content, they would definitely want to share it in their community. Always make sure that your contents have an option to be shared. It is only beneficial to you as it increases the reach and number of visitors.


One of the salient features of viral content marketing strategy is that it is briefed by using images and video clips. Illustrations for your texts are very important in order to grab the viewer’s interest. The illustrations added to provide your content an exclusive touch making it noteworthy. 


Drafting descriptive content is good, but it shouldn’t be lengthy. It is also suggested that the content must have pointers, and it should serve its purpose in short narration.


Catchy headlines always work in attracting audiences. Make sure that your content holds a headline that intrigues the viewers.


Providing experiences gives a personal touch to the content and helps in better interactions. If the reader finds relevance to their personal lives on your blog, they will be an asset in your viral content marketing.


Providing the sources of your information is regarded as an act of decency. Make sure that those sources are either from an expert/experience or genuine reference links.


If your content is viral once, make sure that you never break the chain of publishing quality content. Even if it is not yet viral, it is important that there are regular posts on your website’s different platforms. This is the most idealistic strategy for viral content marketing. 

My point in a nutshell

Viral content marketing is a powerful solution to drive potential customers and visitors. Although, it’s not an easy take. Even though your content doesn’t go viral, you can still have a lot of visitors on your website with a proper content marketing strategy.

This should be taken in account that the content which evokes high arousal emotions within the readers are more likely to go viral. So, it depends on your style of content creation.

“Content marketing is the gap between what brands produce and what customers actually want.”

– Micheal Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group.



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